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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Maya 8 Character Modeling (Wordware Applications Library)

Maya 8 Character Modeling (Wordware Applications Library)

Maya 8 Character Modeling (Wordware Applications Library)
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers | ISBN: 1598220209 | edition 2006 | PDF | 505 pages | 12,7 mb

Maya 8 Character Modeling takes a unique approach to modeling as it breaks down character creation using an easy-to-follow formula that makes the learning process less daunting. The author presents an overview of modeling basics and then shows how to block out the body, shape body parts, add details, and create joints and controls using Maya 8. By the time you ve finished the book, you ll have created a figure that is textured, rigged, and ready to be animated. With this book: Understand the building blocks of modeling, including quads, edge loops, normals, UVs, and mapping. Discover how modeling by formula eases the character creation process. Find out how to create a UV layout that makes texturing easier. Learn how to place joints and controls and skin your character so it deforms properly when animated. Companion CD included with the images from the book, Maya files to help build the character, AVI movies that show the modeling process in real time, and Mel scripts for installing a character modeling tool menu that can improve the user s workflow!


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