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Saturday, December 26, 2009

The XML Schema Complete Reference

The XML Schema Complete Reference

The XML Schema Complete Reference
Publisher: Pearson Education | ISBN: 0672323745 | edition 2002 | CHM | 1008 pages | 10,2 mb

With the successful implementation of XML Schema, developers are learning how to increase productivity, improve software reliability, minimize development time, and decrease time to market. This in-depth reference is an all-in-one resource designed to help developers leverage the power and potential of XML schemas by offering a complete roadmap to their creation, design, and use.
This authoritative reference and tutorial is filled with practical insights and detailed examples. The book begins by providing a conceptual introduction to XML Schema. From there, coverage shifts to the W3C Schema Recommendation and how to apply schemas to specific business goals. The authors provide insight and instruction throughout on integrating XML schemas into existing technologies such as .NET, Java, Visual Basic, Oracle, and more. The book concludes with a complete case study designed to reinforce and illustrate material covered.
Additional topics include:
* Applications for schemas
* Simple and complex types
* XML schema processing and validation
* Namespaces in XML...


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