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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Problem Solving in Hypertension

Problem Solving in Hypertension

Problem Solving in Hypertension By Lee Kennedy
Publisher: Clinical Publishing Services 2009-09 | 306 Pages | ISBN: 1846920221 | PDF | 3.4 MB

"Problem Solving in Hypertension" will appeal to a wide audience of physicians who routinely see patients with hypertension in clinical practice. This book presents a selection of challenging cases seen in everyday practice, highlighting learning points and recent developments made in the field. Each case is concise and formatted simply, logically leading the reader through clinical presentations, a series questions/learning points, pertinent background information, recent developments and further reading.Quick and easy to read, ideal for dipping in and out during busy clinical practice, "Problem Solving in Hypertension" is a valuable up-to-date resource for effective strategies to manage primary and secondary hypertension. This book features over 40 clinical presentations covering the most common yet challenging cases seen by specialists. It focuses on both primary and secondary hypertension. It features an excellent training resource and up-to-date referencing to present recent developments in diagnosis and management.

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