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Saturday, December 26, 2009

MooTools 1.2 Beginner's Guide

MooTools 1.2 Beginner's Guide

Title: MooTools 1.2 Beginner's Guide
Publisher: Packt Publishing | ISBN: 1847194583 | Dec 2009 | PDF | 280 pages | 4Mb

MooTools is a simple-to-use JavaScript library, ideal for people with basic JavaScript skills who want to elevate their web applications to a superior level. If you're a newcomer to MooTools looking to build dynamic, rich, and user-interactive web site applications this beginner's guide with its easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions is all you need to rapidly get to grips with MooTools.

This is the first book specifically designed for absolute newcomers to MooTools. Its simple-to-follow beginner's guide style will give you all the building blocks required to do the basics and more in MooTools. You can start working with MooTools immediately because it assumes no knowledge or prior experience of MooTools.

First you will get to grips with the fundamentals of MooTools including downloading, installation, and basic syntax. Once you've grasped the basics you will learn how to make the most of MooTools' powerful framework. You will learn to bring web pages to life using animation and create exciting web pages using AJAX. You will also learn how to customize MooTools to suit your own needs by creating your own plug-ins. This book will have you well on way to creating web applications and web pages worthy of the Web 2.0 world.

What you will learn from this book

* Bringing web pages to life using animation
* Boosting the responsiveness of your web applications using AJAX with MooTools
* Building a web form dynamically responsive to a multitude of browser events
* The basics core functions of MooTools and how they work
* Creating your own versatile plug-ins that can be customized to fit your own personal requirements
* How to rapidly build a quick and easy web application using the power of MooTools


This is a Packt Beginner's Guide, which means it is packed with clear step-by-step instructions for performing the most useful tasks in MooTools. You will learn by doing and you will start learning immediately. As each chapter in the book progresses, the topics will get increasingly more complex. It starts by explaining the fundamentals of MooTools before undertaking tasks and challenges that encourage experimentation.

Who this book is written for

This book is perfect for MooTools newcomers. You do not require any familiarity with MooTools whatsoever, only a willingness to learn. Basic knowledge of JavaScript syntax and concepts is the only requirement. This book will allow you to grasp the basics of MooTools so that you will be well on the way to creating exciting, customizable web pages and applications.


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