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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Oracle SQL Developer 2.1

Oracle SQL Developer 2.1

Title: Oracle SQL Developer 2.1
Publisher: Packt Publishing | ISBN: 1847196268 | Dec 2009 | PDF | 496 pages | 9.3Mb

As technology rapidly evolves, many developers are looking for valuable tools to assist them with their daily tasks. When dealing with databases, a clean, easy-to-navigate interface for working and browsing is essential. Oracle SQL Developer is a graphical user interface that makes life much easier by allowing you to browse database objects, run SQL statements and scripts, and create, edit, and debug PL/SQL statements in the most efficient way. It enhances productivity and simplifies your database development tasks. Although the SQL Developer journey looks simple and easy, there are many areas that can go undiscovered, leaving you just scratching the surface.

It’s easy to get started and master this powerful tool with this book to hand. It will provide you with in-depth details about all aspects of using SQL Developer to assist you in your day-to-day database tasks and activities. You will learn to utilize SQL Developer’s extensible environment to support your ongoing needs

This book offers detailed instructions for installing, configuring, and effectively using Oracle SQL Developer. You will learn how to utilize every feature of this development tool and make the most out of it. While none of the tasks are complex, the book progresses from the easy, most commonly used features, such as browsing objects and writing queries in the SQL Worksheet, to the more involved and possibly less frequently used features, such as Tuning and Testing SQL and PL/SQL, and adding User Extensions, and finally to those features used by a smaller more targeted audience, such as Migrations, Oracle APEX, and the Data Modeler. Throughout the book there are tips and suggestions gathered as a result of working with the current SQL Developer user base. This book will also show you how to assess the health of your database with built-in as well as customized reports.

By the end of the book you will be confident in making the best use of SQL Developer, and be able to set up and maintain a productive environment for quick and easy database development.

What you will learn from this book

* Build complex queries based on a number of tables using visual Query Builder
* Assess the health of your database, data structure of your application, and data in that application with built-in as well as user-defined reports
* Create, compile, and debug PL/SQL code and explore available features to facilitate writing PL/SQL code
* Integrate your SQL Developer with open source version control systems CVS and Subversion, which allow checking out of files from a repository, editing, and checking them back in
* Enter and execute your SQL, PL/SQL, and SQL*Plus statements with the SQL Worksheet interface
* Produce easily replicable scripts that copy and move data from one database instance to another, or from one schema to another
* Create advanced database connections using a variety of connection and authentication types available for Oracle as well as non-Oracle databases
* Create, review, and update database schema designs with SQL Developer Data Modeler
* Augment your environment with features that are specific to your needs by extending your SQL Developer with XML structured user-defined extensions
* Monitor and manage your Application Express applications by integrating with SQL Developer
* Set up an easy and quick migration environment for your database schema by using the migration repository
* Browse and review non-Oracle databases, before using the migration environment to migrate and consolidate databases on the Oracle platform


Covering SQL Developer fundamentals as well more intermediate and advanced topics, this book uses in-depth explanation and detailed examples to help you get the most out of Oracle SQL Developer. The book has a modular structure, so that you can dip into any chapter that covers your current area of focus and get going.

Who this book is written for

This book is for Oracle developers who want to ease their database development, and enhance their productivity using Oracle SQL Developer. You should have a programming knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL, and a general familiarity with Oracle database concepts.


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